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Here's What I Can Do


Web & E-Commerce Design

Advertise your company, sell your products, or post your thoughts. I’ll help you create a beautiful and functional website that you can maintain yourself, and that looks great on any device.


Logo Design

One look and customers should know your story. We’ll work together to create a logo that expresses what you’re all about and makes it easy for your ideal clients to recognize you.


Brand Development

Business cards, brochures, product packaging, copywriting, videography, social media, and more. My extended network can create whatever you need to build your brand.


About Me

Inquiring minds want to know, apparently.

Okay, Full Disclosure: I hate talking about myself. I’d rather my work speak for itself. And I don’t like posting pictures of myself online because I may or may not be a robot I’m introverted like that. But if you want to know a little about me below, read on.


I’m way too creative sometimes, and I’m constantly coming up with new business ideas, so I know what it’s like to want to rip a great idea from your head, put it down on paper, and take the plunge into entrepreneurship. My goal is to make the process easier.

Photoshop = Love
Peppermint Tea = Fuel
WordPress = Genius
Sleep = Elusive


Random facts:

  • I watch cartoons, workplace reality shows, and British sitcoms while I work.
  • I say I don’t have a favorite color, but everything I have is turquoise (even my car)
  • I would love to learn how to speak Korean.
  • I want to one day move to another country (preferably tropical) to do volunteer work.
  • I sometimes get confused counting change

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